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Note: Please answer all questions in English (except where Chinese is requested).

You need to answer ALL questions in this application form in order to be able to submit it. For questions that are not applicable to you, please answer ‘NA’.

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1. We understand that the online form, together with all other requirements as listed in the Instructions for Application, must be completed and submitted before the application deadline. Late or incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

2. We understand that this form is for use by students from or residing in mainland China who wish to enter a United World College in the autumn of 2020. We have read and understood the Instructions for Application.

3. We have read the Eligibility Criteria on the UWC China website and confirm that I/our child satisfies them.

4. We understand that only a select number of candidates will be invited to the Interview / Selection Weekend.

As it appears on your identity card 身份证/passport. If it is Chinese, please use Chinese characters, e.g. 张小林. If it is not Chinese, please use letters with the family name in all capital letters appearing before the given names, e.g. WONG Jane.

As it appears on your identity card 身份证/passport. 请用拼音并大写,例如‘ZHANG’。

As it appears on your identity card 身份证/passport. 请用拼音,例如’Xiaolin’。

If selected for an interview, you must bring your original ID/passport to the interview.

Applicant’s contact email address (very important): You must keep this email address valid throughout the selections process as it is your primary email on file for UWC.


Current mailing address – in Chinese. Please make sure this address can receive postal packages from UWC colleges from May 2020. 现住地址(请用中文)该地址必须在2020年5月-8月期间可收到UWC学校寄出的信函或包裹。例如:中国江苏省常熟昆承湖西路88号, 邮编215500。

Permanent home address – in English 常住地址(请用英文)

Please enter the 11-digit number for your mobile number in China, for example 13512345678.

Please start with the area code, for example (010)12345678.